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The range of Top-Gun diets have been specifically formulated to ensure that they produce strong, healthy birds to give them a flying start.

Game Starter Crumbs and Superfine Starter Crumbs (ACS)
A very high nutritional specification clean crumb, designed to encourage early feed intakes and. Supplemented with, omega-3 oils, amino acids, essential oils, and organic acids. This ensures that chicks get the start they need, in terms of early feed digestion, performance, immunity and general gut health. The crumbs also contain a unique protein concentrate specifically designed for young birds to ensure strong early growth

Game Micro Pellet (ACS)
A follow on to the Starter Crumbs, the micro pellet is designed to accustom young birds to pellet feeding. Like the crumb it is a high specification product aimed at continuing the good start provided by the crumb in the first few days. The 2mm micro pellet contains the same nutritional package as the crumb, including the unique protein concentrate, a specific blend of medium chain fatty acids, omega 3s, protected minerals and natural Vitamin E.

Game Mini Pellets (ACS)
Like the crumb and the micro pellet, the mini pellet is designed to encourage feed intake and performance. It is a high specification product with good levels of amino acids. These are supplied in a way that allows phased release and uptake to ensure good growth, muscle development and to promote good feathering as the bird gets older. Ingredients and nutritional specification are designed to ensure a smooth transfer between products.

Game Grower Pellets (ACS)
Game Grower can be used to follow on from Game Mini Pellets. This product has a reduced protein level in line with the requirements of older birds, but holds the same energy level as the Game Mini Pellet. This, along with good levels of amino acids, ensures performance continues prior to transfer to release pens. Game Grower is available in both 2.5mm Pellets for partridges, as well as 3.0mm pellets for pheasants.

Game Grower 2 Pellets
Game Grower 2 is a very flexible diet, ideal to follow Game Grower Pellets. The Protein level is slightly reduced, but is designed to support bird growth as well as prepare the bird for the release pen. Grower 2 does not contain Avatec as standard so it can be used as a withdrawal diet. If conditions allow, it is possible to feed Game Grower 2 in place of the Game Grower Pellet.

Game Release Pellet
Game Grower 2 is a very flexible diet, ideal to follow Game Grower Pellets. The Protein level is slightly reduced, but is designed to support bird growth as well as prepare the bird for the release pen. The pellets are enhanced with aniseed oil as standard to help hold birds.

Game Maintenance Pellets
This product has been formulated to maintain birds in good healthy condition, throughout the wintering period and also contains all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins required to prepare birds for lay.

Pheasant and Partridge Pre-Breeder Pellets
These diets are designed to prepare the birds when they have been caught up. The diets are carefully balanced to ensure that they prepare the birds and ensure they are in optimum condition for breeding and laying.

Pheasant and Partridge Breeder Pellets
These diets have been carefully designed to boost the productivity of breeding birds. Available as an 18% Pheasant Breeder and a 20% Partridge Breeder. The Breeder formulations are solely designed with the aim of having healthy hens, capable of maximum egg production, good hatchability and producing eggs that will hatch into healthy viable and lively poults. As well as all the required levels of protein, amino acids, and energy, they contain a specialist mineral package to ensure that health and production are maximised.

A full range of medications are available in our feeds, on receipt of a written veterinary prescription.


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Right Tract – Supporting an active immune system for your birds.

Just ask for Right Tract when placing your next order.

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Top-Gun Game Feeds recommends the use of Right Tract, when added to our diets, to help support an active immune system for your birds.

Right Tract is specifically designed to address and prevent damage caused by protozan intestinal parasites, including coccidia (Eimera spp) histomonads and Cochlosoma anatis.

An all-natural product, Right Tract contains plant extracts, essential oils, antioxidant minerals and yeast complex carbohydrates to strengthen the response of innate gut health defences.

Simply ask for it as an additive with your feed when you next place an order.

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