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Top-Gun Game Feeds, a division of GLW Feeds (see their range of feeds and services at www.glw-feeds.co.uk), is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of game feeds.

We have created a comprehensive range of game feeds for all ages of Pheasant, Partridge, and Duck, these formulated specialised products are designed to maximise the productivity of the birds and to assist them to achieve their potential. Plus, we have the flexibility to manufacture…

  • Superfine Crumb
  • Standard Crumb
  • 2.0mm Micro Pellets
  • 2.5mm Mini Pellets
  • 3.2mm Standard Pellets

Balanced Nutrition Programmes

The Top-Gun range of game diets has been tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of pheasants, partridges and ducks. From breeding diets to rearing diets, we have diets suitable for both shoots and game farms alike.

Our philosophy has always been to ensure that we give the young chick the best start to life possible by using ingredients that are both highly digestible and nutritionally balanced. Early intakes of our feeds are encouraged by the use of highly palatable ingredients.

Quality protein sources combined with amino acids enable the young bird to develop a strong skeletal structure, yet also increasing feathering.

Through our unique use of high quality cereals such as maize, wheat and Naked Oats, we are able to provide the growing bird with highly digestible energy sources which enable the muscle tissue to develop efficiently whilst maximising gut health.

Energy and protein sources are not enough on their own to enable the bird to achieve its maximum potential, hence the diets are carefully formulated with specifically designed vitamins, minerals and additives using the latest nutritional research.

For diets that are targeted specifically to increase early feed intake, promote gut health and bird growth whilst maximising breeding returns, look no further than Top-Gun Game Feeds.

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The Positive Response

At Top-Gun Game Feeds, we believe that personal contact with customers is of the utmost importance.

The finest game feeds are of little use without the finest level of service, and we have a friendly and efficient customer service team who are dedicated to ensuring that the products get to you as ordered and on time. We have our own fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles for both Game Feed bag and bulk supply, enabling prompt deliveries throughout our extensive trading area.

Alongside our range of Game feeds and cover crops, we can also supply ground cover mixes, grits, cut maize and other feeds.

The Positive Response
Our promise…Top-Gun Game Feeds endeavour to ensure you always get a POSITIVE RESPONSE from our feed, our service and our people.