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Please click here to read the full Joint Communication on Best Practice Procedure for Prescribing Antibiotics in Gamebirds from the Game Farmers’ Association.

Right Tract – Supporting an active immune system for your birds.

Just ask for Right Tract when placing your next order.

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Top-Gun Game Feeds recommends the use of Right Tract, when added to our diets, to help support an active immune system for your birds.

Right Tract is specifically designed to address and prevent damage caused by protozan intestinal parasites, including coccidia (Eimera spp) histomonads and Cochlosoma anatis.

An all-natural product, Right Tract contains plant extracts, essential oils, antioxidant minerals and yeast complex carbohydrates to strengthen the response of innate gut health defences.

Simply ask for it as an additive with your feed when you next place an order.

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Top-Gun Game Feeds is a division of GLW Feeds Limited (see their range of feeds and services at www.glw-feeds.co.uk), and our Game Feed products are manufactured at our modern 250,000 tonne feed mill in Leicestershire.

We have formulated our comprehensive range of Game Feeds for all ages of Pheasant, Partridge, and Duck and we have the flexibility to manufacture Superfine Crumb, Standard Crumb, 2.0mm Micro Pellets, 2.5mm Mini Pellets and 3.2mm Standard Pellets.

Top-Gun Game Feeds parent company; GLW Feeds Limited, has both the milling experience and the nutritional knowledge to manufacture the finest quality feeds for both Ruminants and Mono Gastric animals. Our Top-Gun Game Feeds are no exception, and are made using only the highest quality ingredients. We supplement these raw materials with a number of specialised products designed to maximise the productivity of the birds and to assist them to achieve their potential.

We know the the first few days of a game bird’s life is a critical period determining lifetime health and performance, and physiological and functional development in the gut. That’s why our specially formulated feeds will give your birds…

  • Better Hatchability:
    more viable chicks from quality breeder diets.
  • Faster Growth:
    From day old to release, our feeds are high in energy, they are formulated to provide a seamless transition through the range, and contain carefully balanced amino acids.
  • Stronger Growth:
    Our diets include Omega-3 oils to improve bone and feather development.
  • Healthier Growth:
    We combine essential oils and organic acids to improve gut health and stimulate digestion.



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